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6 Bedding Must-Haves for a Restful Sleep

So, you tried everything to finally achieve those Zzzzzs, but you still ended up feeling groggy after several tosses and turns.

What’s wrong?

Achieving a restful night’s rest isn’t easy. From developing a healthy sleeping habit to creating a conducive sleeping environment, there are many things that you should work on. 

Considering our busy lifestyles in Singapore, getting enough sleep seems like a luxury. And when good sleep doesn’t come naturally, you need the help of some products to aid your comfort during slumber.

Here are some bedding accessories that you can incorporate into your setup to achieve quality, restful sleep.


Bedding Accessory 101

Bedding Accessory 101

Aside from buying the right mattress in Singapore, your choice of bedding accessories also makes a stark difference in the quality of your sleep. It’s good to focus on getting a quality pillow, bed sheet, mattress topper or protector, and other accessories.


1. Supportive Pillows

Supportive Pillows

Comfort means different things to everyone, especially when we have varying sleeping positions, body types, and comfort preferences. 

Ultimately, the right pillow for your rest should support your head, neck, and shoulders based on your sleeping position. A good pillow should also promote the neutral alignment of your spine throughout your rest.

Each of your sleeping positions has specific pillow requirements that can be adjusted based on your comfort preferences. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, the right pillow should be firm and lofty enough to bridge the gap between your neck and shoulders. If you are a back sleeper, a thin pillow can keep your head comfy without straining your neck. The same goes for stomach sleepers.

Another comfort factor to consider is the cooling properties of the mattress. If you are a hot sleeper who sweats a lot at night, a pillow made of cotton or Tencel fabrics is a good choice for your needs. An open-cell latex pillow is also an excellent fit for your needs.

To make the most of your pillow, it’s also wise to choose one with anti-dust mite, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. This can ensure a safe and cosy snooze even without the uncomfy allergy symptoms.

When it comes to the number of recommended pillows, the choice is up to your preferences.


2. Decorative Pillowcases

Decorative Pillowcases

Pillowcases protect your pillows from direct contact with dirt, sweat, oils, and allergens. Aside from this, pillowcases also serve as additional decorative pieces to give your bedroom its unique personality. Breathable pillowcases also help the sleeper sleep cooler and more comfortably.


3. Cooling Bed Sheets

 Cooling Bed Sheets

Breathable, moisture-wicking bed sheet materials like cotton, bamboo fibre, and lyocell are good for hot sleepers. We recommend opting for extra bed sheets so you can wash and replace yours with no hassle.

A 100% cotton bed sheet is an excellent go-to for hot sleepers since it’s comfortable and moisture-wicking. Not to mention, cotton bed sheets are affordable. 

A bed sheet can be a flat sheet or a fitted sheet. A flat sheet is a big, rectangular piece that covers the entirety of your mattress, including the legs of your bed frame. A fitted sheet, on the other hand, features a three-dimensional design with its elastic edges. This design ensures that the fitted sheet is securely attached to the mattress. Unlike a flat sheet, a fitted sheet is designed to only fit the mattress itself.

Some people use both flat and fitted sheets as the top and bottom layers of their bedding setup, while others only use one of the sheet types.

Another thing to make sure of is finding one that fits your mattress. Every standard mattress size in Singapore has a specific bedding size requirement, especially for fitted sheets. Ultimately, a bigger mattress will need a bigger bed sheet, which will cost more than a smaller bedding accessory.


4. Reliable Mattress Protector

Reliable Mattress Protector

The quality of your mattress is detrimental to your sleep quality. A mattress that is full of dirt, dust mites, and other stains is certainly not the ideal surface for you to rest on. Prevent nasty elements from ruining the quality of your mattress by opting for a reliable mattress protector.

A mattress protector or mattress cover secures your mattress from accidental spills, pee stains, dust, mould buildup, and bed bugs. This works like a water-repellent fitted sheet, usually with a zippered design for full 360-degree mattress protection.

If you suffer from allergy symptoms, a mattress protector can give your sleeping surface extra protection against allergens. It is also easier to clean. Simply strip it off your mattress and wash it in a washing machine, following the care label.


5. Pillow Protectors

Pillow Protectors

Like your mattress, your pillows also deserve some protection. Pillow protectors are used to cover your pillows and prolong their lifespan. Like a mattress protector, pillow protectors are also easy to remove and clean compared to directly cleaning the pillow.


6. A Cosy Mattress Topper

A Cosy Mattress Topper

Want to upgrade the comfort of your mattress? A cosy mattress topper is a nice addition to your bedding layer. It is typically 1-4 inches thick and made of foam, latex, feathers, or fibre.

If your mattress is too firm for your preference, a mattress topper can work as a cushion layer to cuddle your body when you lie down. If your mattress is old and saggy, you can use a mattress topper to improve its comfort while you prepare to buy a new one.


What is the Best Mattress for Your Needs?

What is the Best Mattress for Your Needs?

While the right bedding accessories are important, the most important part of the equation is still your mattress.

When buying a mattress in Singapore, choose one with comfortable materials that fit your sleeping position. Breathable and moisture-wicking properties are also important, especially during hot and humid nights. If you are sharing your mattress, look for one that can handle motion transfer when one tosses and turns.


Ready for a Restful Night’s Sleep?

Ready for a Restful Night’s Sleep?

Whether you are planning to create a hotel-like bedroom setup or simply opting to complete the basics, the right mattress and bedding items can significantly improve your rest.

If you are ready to enjoy an improved night’s rest, prepare your list and start searching for the best bedding accessories to complete your bedroom.

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable cooling mattresses in Singapore, check out our thoughtful collection of mattresses that are ideal for our local weather.


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