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How to Choose the Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

Your mattress plays a big role in ensuring the quality of your sleep. This is also true for your pillow since it gives your head and neck the support they need while maintaining the neutral alignment of your spine. So, if you spend significant time choosing the right mattress, it’s good also to carefully choose your pillows.

Back sleepers are people who tend to spend most of their sleeping hours lying on their backs. This is also referred to as supine sleeping. While most people sleep comfortably on their sides, a good portion of the population sleeps on their backs, resting their spine on the mattress. If you find yourself sleeping on your back often, you are a back sleeper.

Just like mattresses, some pillows work best for back sleepers. With the myriad of pillow types in Singapore, it’s vital to choose one based on various factors.


What is Back Sleeping?

What is Back Sleeping?

If you’re aiming for a comfortable sleeping position that is gentle on your back (we know you do), you might want to try sleeping on your back. 

Some back sleepers are soldiers or those who sleep on their backs with their arms at their sides. This is a healthy position that boosts all the benefits of back sleeping. However, some sleepers might find this position too stiff or restricting.

Another common back sleeping position is the starfish position, where the arms are positioned higher than the sleeper’s head, and the legs are spread out. Some sleepers find it more comfortable. However, placing the hands higher than the head may cause shoulder pain.

Back sleeping is one of the most effective positions to maintain the health of your spine while you snooze. This is because supine sleeping puts your back against the direct support of your mattress. 

Some benefits of back sleeping include:

  • Prevention of back and shoulder pains
  • Improvement of your spinal alignment
  • Reduced chance of having acid reflux
  • Can relieve sinus buildup and tension headaches
  • May prevent wrinkle formation and acne breakouts

The key to enjoying the benefits of supine sleeping is getting the right sleeping solution. However, no matter how good your mattress is for supine sleeping, if your pillow is inappropriate for your position, you’ll still end up with aches and pains in the morning.


Why Does the Right Pillow Matter?

Why Does the Right Pillow Matter?

The right pillow for back sleeping ensures your comfort by maintaining your optimum posture. It should also help you prevent aches and pains when you wake up. With the right pillow, your pressure points, mainly your neck, hips, and lower back should not receive too much pressure or strain, so you wake up pain-free.


What is the Right Pillow for Back Sleepers?

What is the Right Pillow for Back Sleepers?

It honestly depends on many factors. Ultimately, your main goal when sleeping on your back is to make sure that your head is supported and aligned with the rest of your body. Your neck should also receive the right support to prevent straining while ensuring it is not positioned at an awkward angle.

Aside from choosing an appropriate pillow to support your head, placing a pillow under your knees is also helpful for supine sleeping.


What is the Right Pillow Firmness for Back Sleepers?

What is the Right Pillow Firmness for Back Sleepers?

The best pillow firmness will generally depend on your preferences. However, to ensure you receive a balance of support and comfort to prevent head and neck strains, you should look for a medium-firm pillow.

This should also be made from materials that can follow the contours of your head and neck without causing unnecessary heat buildup.


What is the Right Pillow Loft for Back Sleepers?

What is the Right Pillow Loft for Back Sleepers?

Pillow loft is a term that refers to the pillow’s height or thickness. When shopping for a pillow in Singapore, you might encounter different terms such as:

  • Low-Loft Pillow: A thin pillow generally 3 inches thick or less.
  • Medium-Loft Pillow: A medium-height sleeping solution usually 3 to 5 inches thick.
  • High-Loft Pillow: Pillows that are 5 inches thick or higher.

To achieve the perfect balance of comfort and support, the ideal pillow loft for back sleepers is medium loft. This pillow loft should not be too flat or too filled to prevent your neck from resting in an awkward position.

With a low-loft pillow, your head might drop down your mattress and be positioned lower than your spine. A pillow that is too high, on the other hand, will elevate your head too much and can strain your neck.

The correct pillow loft should give you the right elevation for proper breathing. This should also keep you comfortable so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep when your body needs to rest.

If you’re looking for a pillow with a specialised fit for back sleeping, try a contour pillow. This pillow dips your head at a comfortable height while giving your neck the right contour to prevent strains and spinal misalignment.


What Is the Best Pillow for Your Mattress Type?

What Is the Best Pillow for Your Mattress Type?

Aside from your sleeping position, your pillow must also complement your mattress type. For instance, for back sleepers, a good mattress ranges from medium soft to medium-firm levels. In this case, your pillow must provide the right amount of support to your head so it won’t sink and hurt your spine. If your mattress leans more on the soft side, a softer pillow is recommended since your body will naturally sink into your mattress.




The best pillow for back sleeping will depend on your comfort preferences. However, to help you gauge your choices, there are various aspects that you can consider. Generally, the best pillow for back sleepers includes the following characteristics:

Pillow Loft or Height


Pillow Firmness

Medium Firm

Pillow Material

Memory Foam, Latex, Gel

Pillow Shape

Standard, Contour, Curved (U-shaped or V-shaped), and Star

There is no one-size-fits-all pillow solution for all sleepers, but understanding your sleeping requirements can help you choose one that can elevate the quality of your night’s rest.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your pillow, try our premium pillows in Singapore to receive personalised pillow comfort.

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