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Common Bedroom Mistakes that Affect Your Sleep

Do you find yourself frequently tossing and turning at night in hopes of finding the right spot to sleep on? Or maybe you are waking earlier than expected and suffering from aches and pains in the morning.

You may tweak your sleep routine or decrease your screen time, but the cause of your sleep problems might be due to a different factor, like your bed itself. If you’re not getting the rest that you deserve, there might be something wrong with your bedroom setup.

Here are some bedroom mistakes that you should look out for to prevent the negative effects of a lack of quality sleep.


Bedroom Mistakes That Affect Your Sleep

Your Bed Frame is Too Big

Your Bed Frame is Too Big

Isn’t bigger always better? Yes, having a big and spacious bed can be comfortable and advantageous. Not to mention, it looks and feels luxurious. However, getting a bed frame and mattress that are too big for your bedroom can cause restrictions instead of adding comfort.

A bed that is too large may obstruct the traffic flow within your bedroom. You might also want to add another bedroom storage space for your bedding items and essentials but run out of usable space because of your bed frame. Worse, you’ll end up bumping into the corners of your bedroom furniture because you have no space to walk on.

How can you fix this?

When buying a new bed frame, don’t just consider the amount of surface that you need to comfortably snooze but also the space needed for walking and storing other items in your bedroom. While it’s not necessarily detrimental to the quality of your sleep, the amount of walking space you have in your bedroom is important to ensure your comfort.

Carefully measure the available space in your bedroom, including the pathways, before deciding on the biggest bed frame that you can comfortably fit in your space.


Your Bed is In the Wrong Spot

Your Bed is in the Wrong Spot

For starters, your bed should be positioned far from your door to prevent possible obstructions and distractions. 

Interior designers agree that the right positioning of your bed frame should be based on the shape, size, and layout of your bedroom. A square bedroom may benefit from positioning your bed frame on the central axis of the space to allow ample traffic flow throughout the room. If your bedroom is rectangular, you can separate it into sections to create a good proportion for the activities that you want to incorporate in your space.


Your Mattress Isn’t Supporting Your Needs

Your Mattress Isn’t Supporting Your Needs

An inappropriate mattress for your needs can do more harm than good. You may find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep when lying on a mattress that is too soft or too firm for your needs. This can cause multiple nighttime awakenings, which in turn bring multiple health problems.

Lack of proper sleep is linked to multiple health issues like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. It can also affect your memory and everyday functions.

If you find yourself waking up feeling tired and groggy, or if you're waking up with back and neck pain, you might be sleeping on a bad mattress.

The right mattress should support your preferred sleeping position and be breathable enough to help you sleep comfortably even during the summer. If you are a side sleeper, a softer mattress can support your hips and shoulders without affecting the neutral alignment of your spine.

When sleeping on your back, a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress is an ideal choice to balance the contouring comfort and firm support that your spine needs. If you are a stomach sleeper, a firmer mattress can help you snooze comfortably without sinking your lower back.


Your Bedding Accessories are Making You Sweat

Your Bedding Accessories are Making You Sweat

In Singapore, it’s vital to choose breathable pillows, bed sheets, and blankets to allow air to properly circulate, especially when the temperature is high.

Cotton, lyocell, and bamboo rayon are some of the reliable materials that you should look for when choosing your bedding accessories. 

When it comes to your pillows, we recommend replacing them after one to two years, depending on the materials. When pillows get old, they become hot, lumpy, and unsupportive. Not to mention, they become breeding grounds for dust mites, mould, and allergens.


Your Bedroom Paint Doesn’t Keep You Relaxed

Your Bedroom Paint Doesn’t Keep You Relaxed

Some colour tones are conducive to relaxation, while others can make you more alert. Bright tones like yellow, purple, and red are good for home offices as they keep you energised while igniting your creativity. Pale blue and moss green are some options that can help you relax and snooze comfortably in the evening.


You Keep Your Shades Open at Night

 You Keep Your shades Open at Night

If possible, pull down your curtains or turn off your lights before going to bed. This is to help your body reach a restful state based on your circadian rhythm. Getting enough daylight in the morning and keeping your bedroom dark at night can give your body some clearer cues to rest or stay awake.


Your Bedroom is Cluttered

Your Bedroom is Cluttered

From misplaced socks to other items that are placed in areas where they don’t belong, clutter can make your bedroom uncomfortable to sleep in.

Take care of your chaotic bedroom setup by opting for a storage bed, a bedside table, or a chest of drawers that can contain your clutter.


You're Choosing Style Over Comfort

You're Choosing Style Over Comfort

We all want to rest in a Pinterest-worthy, hotel-like bedroom. But what’s more important than mimicking the luxurious design of other bedrooms is choosing comfortable bedroom items that fit your specific needs. For instance, some people are more comfortable sleeping on a soft mattress, while others find more comfort sleeping on a firmer variety. In this case, make sure to check your sleeping position, body type, and comfort preferences.

In the end, we all have different needs when it comes to our sleep.


Ready to Upgrade Your Sleep Sanctuary?

Ready to Upgrade your Sleep Sanctuary?

Start with the basics: a supportive bed frame, a quality mattress, and breathable bedding accessories. Cutting your caffeine and alcohol intake, creating a regular sleep schedule, and having a good bedtime routine can also help you improve the quality of your sleep.


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