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Easy Ways to Future-Proof Your Kids' Bedroom

Designing a new bedroom for your kids is both exciting and daunting since you have to think about their safety while being creative enough to support their development. Another challenge that you might face or overlook when decorating your children’s bedroom is future-proofing the space.

If you’re designing a children’s room, you want to make it not just look good in the present but also be ready for your kids’ future needs. However, you don’t need to give them every future essentials at once. The best thing to do is to start with a carefully chosen sleeping surface and storage. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some efficient ways to future-proof your kids’ bedrooms.


Future-Proof Your Bedroom with These Doable Tips

Get a High-Quality Mattress

Get a High-Quality Mattress

Newborn babies and infants have their own sets of needs when it comes to their mattress. Ultimately, infants need firmer mattresses that are supportive enough to keep them safe. Baby mattresses must also fit the size of the cribs to prevent accidents.

When your children grow, they will need a bigger sleeping surface so they can comfortably roll on the bed. Just like adults, children also need a good mattress to keep them comfortable throughout the night. They also need adequate pressure relief and adequate support for their sleeping positions. 

To future-proof your children’s bedroom, choose a high-quality mattress that can meet your children’s needs. Choose the right size, material, and firmness level to ensure that your little ones are getting the best sleep possible, which is important for their development. It’s also good to choose a durable mattress that can handle your kids’ playfulness. But still, no jumping on the bed.

Some common bed sizes for kids and teenagers are the single and super single varieties. These are big enough to accommodate sleepers who are not active sleepers but small enough to fit in small or shared spaces.


Choose the Bed Frame Well

Choose the Bed Frame Well

Aside from the mattress, the quality of the bed frame also makes a huge difference in future-proofing your kids’ bedroom space. 

If your kids share a bedroom, a bunk bed is a good option to give them enough space to snooze on while teaching them to be independent. If you’re opting for this type of bed, make sure to get the types that follow the safety rules so you can allow your kids to enjoy their bedroom without worries. You can also choose a bed with an extra trundle to accommodate their friends during a sleepover. This way, your little ones and their mini guests will enjoy their time while having a comfy place to stay.

If you are short on space, opt for a bed frame with lots of efficient storage options to keep your children’s essentials in safe and reachable places.


Carefully Choose Your Storage

Carefully Choose Your Storage

Another important way to future-proof your children’s bedroom is to give them the right storage options to accommodate their future storage needs. From clothes to books to toys and their future collectibles, it’s good to have a dedicated space where they can store their essentials without taking up much floor space. Some efficient bedroom storage ideas are shelves that you can place on empty walls, a tall and narrow chest of drawers for limited bedroom spaces, or built-in storage on the bed frame itself. 

If you are decorating a shared space, it’s good to have a storage system that your kids can follow to make sure that everything has its own place.


Go for a Timeless Interior Design

Go for a Timeless Interior Design

When it comes to the layout, colour, decor, and furnishings of your kids’ bedroom, it’s good to think of your future plans and anticipate potential changes in your children’s needs to prevent the need to renovate when it’s time for a change.

While they’re cute and appealing, resist the urge to buy themed beds with castle or car shapes and go for the styles that you can easily transition when the kids grow up.

To create a timeless kids’ bedroom, start with a neutral base and add some splashes of colour to brighten up your space. Remember that when future-proofing your space, don’t be afraid to infuse some colours, especially since they are vital for your children’s development. Add some wall stickers to accentuate your kids’ room and make it more engaging for your children’s creativity. Once your children outgrow the design, you can simply peel the stickers off.


Repurpose Furniture

Repurpose Furniture

When designing your children’s bedroom, consider repurposing the furniture that you already have in your home. Repurposing a furniture piece doesn’t only make the bedroom timeless but also more practical, as you don’t have to worry about rehousing or redecorating once your children outgrow their current room design.

When your children become teens, they will start to look for more sophisticated bedroom layouts and decorations. Investing in the right furniture pieces can help you prepare for this change in preference without much hassle. 

Play with Your Accessories

Play with Your Accessories

The best way to future-proof your children’s bedroom is to inject a theme using accessories instead of paints and furniture pieces. You may start with framed artwork, stuffed animals, big toys, and other essentials that your children love. Creating a mini-hobby corner can also prop up the look of your children’s room while keeping them engaged in different activities. This can also aid in igniting the creativity of your little ones. Using some accessories can also give the children’s room its unique personality.

When it comes to rugs and carpets, you may opt for colourful ones that are safe and easier to clean, then transition when your kids grow up. These small changes will be easier to make than completely changing bulky furniture pieces or repainting the room.




Setting up a kids’ room is both fun and daunting. With all the themes, colours, furniture, and mattress options available, it takes some effort to end up with a conducive space that can also accommodate their future needs. 

From picking the right bed frame, mattress, furniture, and colours for the space, every element makes a huge difference in how your kids will enjoy their mini sanctuary. 

When looking for the best mattress that can accommodate their growth, you can also look for some upgrades for your own bedroom. At Somnuz, we offer a carefully engineered selection of mattresses in Singapore that can accommodate different sleeping needs. From single to super single mattresses for bunk beds to queen and king mattresses for sharing, we have excellent options to complete your family’s ultimate bedroom setup.

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