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Old Mattress: Issues and Risks

The mattress is one of the essentials that we buy first when moving to a new home or designing a bedroom. While mattresses are important, not many people give them much thought once they are already there. Often, unless a mattress shows signs of visible damage, it is continuously used for far longer than it should be.

If you’ve been encountering some problems with your mattress, continue reading this guide.

One of the biggest factors that affect your health is the quality of your sleeping surface. A good mattress aids in the neutral alignment of your spine and keeps you comfortable throughout the night. On the other hand, an old mattress can negatively affect your night’s rest and your overall wellness. Moreover, a mattress that doesn’t match your sleeping needs can cause another set of issues for your health.

Just like eating expired food or using items beyond their capacity, an old mattress can harm your health. Let’s discuss its implications as we go along with this article.


How Long Does a Mattress Last?

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

Mattresses in Singapore have an average lifespan of 6–10 years, depending on their materials and the quality of construction. Unlike food, mattresses don’t have their exact expiration dates, but surely, even the best mattress on the market will reach the end of its prime.

There are ways to identify when the mattress is past its lifespan, but when we’re already accustomed to our mattress, it becomes more challenging to identify the problem.

Although a mattress is a significant investment, it’s worthwhile to have it replaced when it’s due.


How Can an Old Mattress Affect Your Health?

Your Old Mattress Can Trigger Allergy Symptoms

Your Old Mattress Can Trigger Allergy Symptoms

It’s true that your supposedly comfortable zone can also cause you harm. Even when you are a solo sleeper, trust us: It’s not just you who enjoy the comfort of your sleeping surface. Dust mites, bacteria, and fungi can thrive and grow on your sleeping surface. It also collects loads of nasty stuff like dead skin cells, sweat, and body oils.

All these elements, including the microscopic bugs, can’t be easily seen or detected, but they can be very harmful, especially for people with allergies or asthma.

Humidity, poor bedroom ventilation, and accidental spills or pet pee can cause mould growth, resulting in sneezing, runny nose, itchiness, sinus pressure, and other health issues. For people with asthma, dust mites can exacerbate chest tightness and difficulty breathing.


Your Old Mattress Can Cause Back Pain

Your Old Mattress Can Cause Back Pain

Aside from collecting all sorts of nasty elements, a mattress also becomes too soft or saggy as it ages. So, instead of supporting your position during sleep, it keeps your body in an awkward position, which hurts your spine—the perfect recipe for chronic back pain. The dips from your frequent sleeping position as well as the deteriorating materials, cause your mattress to lose its support and put more strain on your pressure points. If you persistently feel pain when waking up, it might be time to check the quality of your mattress.

Back pain can affect both how your day goes and how you sleep at night. However, since your body is used to sleeping on your old mattress, it can be pretty challenging to identify whether it is the cause of your back issues. Ultimately, if you wake up with a backache that disappears as the day progresses, your mattress might be the problem.

Here’s how you can tell if your mattress is the cause of your back pain:

  • You struggle to find a comfy sleeping position in your bed
  • You wake up often in the middle of the night
  • You feel like you’re rolling off your bed, especially if you’re sharing your mattress
  • You wake up with back pain that subsides after a few hours
  • Your mattress feels lumpy or bumpy when you lie down
  • You don’t feel rested even after sleeping

Another indication of a bad mattress is the lack of edge support. If you feel like rolling off your bed, then your mattress might not be giving the right amount of edge support that you need. This can cause morning back pains, compromised comfort, and difficulty going in and out of the mattress for older people or people with mobility issues.

What Should You Look for in a New Mattress?

What Should You Look for in a New Mattress?

If your mattress is past its prime and is causing you more harm than good, it’s best to look for a new mattress that can help you sleep better.

There are several types of mattresses in Singapore, including memory foam, latex, Bonnell spring, and pocketed spring varieties. These materials offer a variety of benefits, but the best one should fit your specific sleeping needs and comfort preferences. 

Ultimately, if you love a mattress with a hugging feel, a memory foam variety is a good choice. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly mattress, latex is a worthy option. An innovative pocketed spring mattress or a hybrid model can also offer unique benefits.

When choosing the firmness level of your mattress, go for the one that fits your sleeping position and body type. A good mattress must also be designed to provide relief to your pressure points and protect your body from any soreness or pain. It should properly distribute your weight throughout the sleeping surface and respond to your movements so you can enjoy a restful, undisturbed sleep.

If you’re a hot sleeper who sweats a lot in your sleep, it’s important to look for a breathable mattress.


Upgrade Your Sleep Quality with Somnuz

Upgrade Your Sleep Quality with Somnuz

It's true that a mattress is a significant investment that comes at a significant price. The good news is that you can invest in a quality mattress without breaking the bank.

Say goodbye to your old mattress and say hello to the new Somnuz Pocketed Spring mattresses in Singapore!

Our special range of mattresses at Somnuz is made from innovative pocketed springs that respond well to your movements during rest. This innovative design can accommodate many sleeping positions as well as body types, ensuring a restful and pain-free slumber.

Experience the quality of pocketed spring mattresses in Singapore by visiting our showroom or shopping for your new mattress conveniently online.

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