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Common Pillow Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

A pillow is an essential part of your bedroom equation. But unlike the mattress, pillows are less talked about and are often underestimated.

Choosing the right pillow to support your body when sleeping can significantly improve the quality of your night’s rest while making sure that you don’t wake up with aches and pains. On the other hand, the wrong pillow can affect the natural alignment of your spine and even hinder your sleep quality.

If you are wondering whether your pillow is the culprit for your sleeping troubles or if you simply want to upgrade your pillow, we’ll talk about the most common pillow shopping mistakes that you should avoid.


Choosing a Pillow that is Too Soft or Too Hard

Choosing a Pillow that is Too Soft or Too Hard

Many people attribute the softness of a pillow to comfort, which can be true. Others prefer a firmer pillow with a more noticeable structure.

When buying a pillow in Singapore, the fluffier isn’t always better. Moreso, the firmer the pillow, it doesn’t mean that the more supportive it becomes. The truth is that the right pillow should support your unique sleeping needs, sleeping position, and body type. 

Generally, a soft to medium-loft pillow is good for back and stomach sleepers who need a thin yet contouring material to sleep on. A firmer pillow is supportive for side sleepers who need sleep support that can retain its shape to bridge the gap between the shoulders and head.

You can also benefit from a pillow with adjustable fillings that you can modify according to your needs and comfort preferences.


Using the Wrong Pillow for Your Sleeping Position

Using the Wrong Pillow for Your Sleeping Position

The same principle applies here. How soft, how firm, and how lofty your pillow is should be based on your sleeping position.

When you sleep, your spine should be positioned in a neutral alignment to prevent unnecessary pressure. Here’s a general guideline when choosing a pillow for your sleeping position:


Sleeping Position

Pillow Firmness

Pillow Loft

Side sleeping

Firm-density pillow

Thick or lofty pillow

Back sleeping

Medium-density pillow

  • Medium loft pillow
  • Contouring pillow that follows the contour of your head and neck when lying down

Stomach sleeping

Soft pillow

Flat or low-loft pillow


The Pillow is Too Big or Too Small

The Pillow is Too Big or Too Small

Like your mattress, the size of your pillow is also crucial to ensuring your comfort. The right pillow should not be too small to accommodate your tossing and turning and must not be too big for your sleeping surface, especially if you are sharing your mattress.


Not Considering Your Mattress

Not Considering Your Mattress

When shopping for a pillow, don’t forget to consider your mattress. 

When your mattress is soft, your body tends to sink in to receive pressure relief. In this case, you don’t need a pillow that is too firm, or else you’ll end up straining your neck by creating a huge distance between your shoulders and neck. 

If your mattress is firm, a lofty pillow can help you strike a balance between pushback support and lofty comfort.


Assuming that a Therapeutic Pillow is the Best

Assuming that a Therapeutic Pillow is the Best

The claims "therapeutic" or "specialised" may lure you into buying, thinking that they are the premium choice for your needs. It’s true that these can be helpful for many people, but they are not designed for everyone.

Therapeutic pillows are generally firm and may cause headaches or neck pain for people who don’t require a firm sleeping surface.

When shopping for a mattress, don’t fall for specialised pillow terms but thoroughly check if the pillow material and structure fit your needs.


Falling for Unusual Pillow Designs

Falling for Unusual Pillow Designs

Like many unnecessary features, many pillow shoppers also fall for unique designs that make a pillow look more specialised. While contouring pillows, orthopaedic pillows, and pregnancy pillows are amazing and helpful for many sleepers, other unnecessary features may only increase the cost of the pillow but not its value.

Before shopping for pillows in Singapore, think about the features that you want to enjoy instead of buying a pillow with features that will not necessarily benefit you.

Some pillow features that we love in Singapore include head and neck support as well as breathability.


Too Much Penny Pinching

Too Much Penny Pinching

It’s important to not skimp on quality when it comes to buying a mattress or pillows, since these are important investments that you will use every day for a long time.

While it’s good to save money when shopping for a pillow, cheaper pillows are not always the most practical choices. Some pillows that are offered at cheaper prices are made from less durable materials that are easy to lump and become unsupportive. These types of pillows don’t last as long as higher-quality pillows. In this case, you might need to change your pillows more often.

When it’s expensive, it’s got to be good, right?

But fret not. Not all high-quality pillows are expensive, either. Many of the supportive and breathable pillows come with a hefty price tag, but there are also premium choices that are more affordable. 

To find the balance between your budget and comfort preferences, carefully check the materials and features of the pillow and match them to your unique requirements.


Things that You Should Know Before Buying a Pillow

Things that You Should Know Before Buying a Pillow

Now, let’s make sure that you’ll be able to take the best pillow home by listing the things that you should remember when buying a pillow in Singapore. 

  1. Carefully choose the right pillow firmness. Choose the right firmness rate based on your personal needs, not what is recommended by a retailer or a peer.
  2. The loftiness of the pillow matters too.
  3. There is no single mattress type that fits all sleeping needs. To find the perfect mattress for you, always consider your sleeping position, mattress firmness, and comfort preferences.
  4. Know your mattress. As we mentioned earlier, the right pillow should complement the feel of your mattress.
  5. Look for a breathable pillow to keep you comfy even during the summer.
  6. Check the warranty and return policy, especially when buying your pillow online.


Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Some may think that shopping for a pillow is too complicated, while others don’t take so many considerations into account when buying one. 

The best way to bring the right pillow home is to always understand your needs. In the end, what’s best can be different for everyone.

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