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Somnuz™ Roman Supreme 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

$269.00 $549.00



Product Materials and Details:

Oeko-Tex® Certified

Knitted Fabric

Made with top-quality high-density foam

Individual Pocketed Spring





The firmness rate of the product is 7/10

Warranty- 5 years


Single: L 190 x W 91cm x H 25cm

Super Single: L 190 x W 107cm x H 25cm

Queen: L 190 x W 152cm x H 25cm

King: L 190 x W 183cm x H 25cm


Single size: 25-30 kg 

Queen size: 35-40kg 

King size: 45-50kg  


Unboxing your Mattress

1) Remove product from box

2) Remove outer layer packaging 

3) Unroll your vacuum packed mattress on your bed frame before cutting the plastic packaging open for mattress to inflate

4) Remove remaining plastic packaging and enjoy your mattress!



Firmness Category Qualities
1-2 Very Soft/ Extra Soft Conforms to your body’s shape during sleep, giving you an effortless cuddle and plush comfort. 
3-4 Soft Offers plush support by adjusting to your body shape while providing a firmer back support than very soft mattresses.
5-7 Medium Firm Sinks your body and conform to its shape while providing enough back and spine support. This mattress type is ideal for people with back pain.
8-9 Firm Also good for people with back pain, a firm mattress does not sink your body, giving you a more solid body support. If you are more of a heavy sleeper, choose a mattress that is firmer.
9-10 Extra Firm Has thinner comfort layers that do not conform to the body shape during sleep. This mattress does not trap heat as much as the less firmer mattresses.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Acceptable Quality

Price : Very reasonable as compared to other competitor.
Delivery: Took abit longer than expected
Installation: Very easy and convenient.
Quality: acceptable especially with the price point. I ordered a 7/10 Firmness ratio mattress. when you are lying down it meets and ticks all expectations. However, when you sit on it say to read or preparing for bed i find it too soft considering it should be firm. If i have known, would've bought a more firmer mattress.

TOH Hwee Tin

Nothing to comment

Siew Moi Teo
Supreme mattress

Myself like the supreme mattress that make me sleep deeper and looks younger.

Good mattress

My daughter love it.

Mun Fai Loh

Very good