Somnuz™ Comforto 10 Inch Bamboo Fabric Latex Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

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Take your beauty rest to the next level and wake up feeling refreshed! Enjoy the cosy embrace of Somnuz Comforto 10 Inch Latex Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress. Made with individually encased pocketed coils that respond to pressure, breathable bamboo fabric and natural latex that goes well with your every movement, you can toss, turn and enjoy your best sleep without any discomfort.

Upgrade your sleep quality when you buy Somnuz Comforto 10 Inch Latex Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress.


Product Details:

Made with top-quality, durable pocketed coils and latex




The firmness rate of the product is 6/10


Warranty5 years





King Size: L: 183cm W: 190 H:25cm

Queen Size: L: 152cm W: 190cm H:25cm

Super Single Size: L: 107cm W: 190cm H:25cm

Single Size: L: 91cm W: 190cm H:25cm



Single Size: 25-30 kg

Queen Size: 35-40kg

King Size: 45-50kg


Max Load:

Super Single Size and Single Size: 150kg
Queen Size and King Size: 250kg



Firmness Category Qualities
1-2 Very Soft/ Extra Soft Conforms to your body’s shape during sleep, giving you an effortless cuddle and plush comfort. 
3-4 Soft Provides plush support by adjusting to your body shape but provides more firm back support than very soft mattresses.
5-7 Medium Firm Sinks your body and conform to its shape while providing enough back and spine support. This mattress type is ideal for people with back pain.
8-9 Firm Also good for people with back pain, a firm mattress does not sink your body, giving you a more solid body support. If you are more of a heavy sleeper, choose a mattress that is firmer.
9-10 Extra Firm Has thinner comfort layers that do not conform to the body shape during sleep. This mattress does not trap heat as much as the less firmer mattresses.


Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Queen Comforto

Good mattress, very well recommended. No regrets but delivery wise took almost a month.

Allen Chong
Best value for money

The quality is fantastic for the price.

April Yap
money worth and best buy

i have been having sleeping issue for years and having back pain for about more then 10yrs due to my weight i am someone who is above 100KG++. When sitting on the mattress its was so soft that i tot i purchase wrong mattress but when i lie down in the mid it support my weight so well. I use to sleep 2-3hrs per night and now i can sleep longer. Thanks Somuz. The only thing which i dont realll like is maybe in future if your delivery need to get 3rd party to send over please inform buyer at least we know.

Comfy bed

Got this for my kid and she loves it. Tried it myself and it’s really comfy and springy. Hope it will last!

Mattress purchase

Value for money