Somnuz™ Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

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Refresh your bedroom sanctuary and enjoy a restful retreat with this cosy addition in your home. Delight in the soft, breathable, and lightweight feel of your new Somnuz Pocketed Spring Mattress. Meticulously crafted using stretchable knitted fabric and individually encased pocketed coils, this mattress offers a breathable comfort that will surely take you to a good night's sleep.  Sleep well, wake up happy. 
Product Materials and Details:

Made with top-quality high-density foam





The firmness rate of the product is 6/10

Warranty- 5 years
King Size: L: 183cm W: 190 H:25cm 
Queen Size: L: 152cm W: 190cm H:25cm 
Super Single Size: L: 107cm W: 190cm H:25cm 
Single Size: L: 91cm W: 190cm H:25cm 

Single size: 25-30 kg 
Queen size: 35-40kg 
King size: 45-50kg  


Firmness Category Qualities
1-2 Very Soft/ Extra Soft Conforms to your body’s shape during sleep, giving you an effortless cuddle and plush comfort. 
3-4 Soft Offers plush support by adjusting to your body shape but provides more firm back support than very soft mattresses.
5-7 Medium Firm Sinks your body and conform to its shape while providing enough back and spine support. This mattress type is ideal for people with back pain.
8-9 Firm Also good for people with back pain, a firm mattress does not sink your body, giving you a more solid body support. If you are more of a heavy sleeper, choose a mattress that is firmer.
9-10 Extra Firm Has thinner comfort layers that do not conform to the body shape during sleep. This mattress does not trap heat as much as the less firmer mattresses.

Customer Reviews

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Analek Aites
Back ache

As a caveat, every individual is built differently and would require different requirements in a mattress to have a sound sleep. Unfortunately, for us consumers, that means we would have to go through different mattresses, sleep on it for a few nights, to actual find one that suited our body.

My journey has ended with Somnuz™ mattress ... specifically the "Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress". Decided on this brand/model based on the many good reviews online and, more importantly, its affordability.

After the first night with this mattress, i wake up with a drastic drop in the lower back pain that has been bugging me with the previous mattress. The back pain has subsequently reduced after a few days to the point of being minimal ... the pain has not gone totally but it is now manageable and i am grateful for that.

The price point is also relatively affordable to the masses as opposed to the other brands that can go into the thousands of moolah; I obviously can't afford that. So, am grateful that Somnuz has provided an option for us mere mortals that help solve the problem that we face without breaking the bank.

That i give five stars on product quality and cost.

The only complain i have is the slow delivery ... the supply chain management needs to be improved. Placed an order on 01Jan2024 and got it delivered on 17Jan2024.

Somnuz™ Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

Like the bouncy and its firmness.
It did support spinal.
But the fabric smell quite strong, it lasted about weeks.
Overall, its good mattress and recommended option

Fast and easy to buy

Very quick buy via the website and delivery came a few days later. They updated the date and timing and the delivery was prompt. Mattress was also in good condition and comfortable enough for the price paid. Worth the buy!

Amiruddin Apandi

Somnuz™ Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress


Comfy but will still need a topper to smooth it out